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Science ClassroomGrades 6, 7, and 8 have Science every day for an hour. In addition to the CPS curriculum, Expanded Learning Time (ELT) allows for more in-depth projects.

Sixth grade studies Ecosystems, Human Body Systems, and Heat Investigations.

In seventh grade students are introduced to matter in Chemical Interactions; Atmosphere, Hydrosphere, and Geosphere in the winter term is their earth science survey course and we finish the year with the biology unit called, Diversity of Life.

Eight graders round off their middle school biology experience with Heredity, Genetics, and Evolution. In the winter they get ready for 9th grade Physics with Motion, Energy, and Forces. All CPS eighth graders participate in the annual spring science fair called the Student Science Showcase. The last unit of their middle school career is Astronomy.

The FMA science lab was significantly upgraded six years ago and comfortably accommodates 20 students in a well appointed combined classroom lab setting.