Fun With Fractions

Fun With Fractions
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Fourth graders in Mrs. Martin’s room are exploring fractions in Math Workshop. The students participate in Math Workshop twice a week. They are able to work in small groups, independently and directly with a teacher.

The students spend about 10 minutes at each station and then rotate to the next. The focus this particular week was fractions.

Station One M (Math in Focus technology)
Students use technology to play math games on their Chromebooks. Some popular sites are Math Playground, Math In Focus, and K-5 Math Resources.

Station Two A (At your seat work)
Students work independently on answering word problems in their math journals. In their journal they show a representation of their solution, an equation and write about how they solved the problem. On alternate weeks they work independently on leveled questions from the Think Tank Box or in their Math In Focus Workbooks.

Station Three T (Teachers Choice)
The teacher works with the small group on a particular skill, such as finding equivalent fractions or practicing the four operations.

Station Four H (Hands on)
Students work with manipulatives to solve problems and frequently play math games.