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A Visit from Poet Margaret Rhee

A Visit from Poet Margaret Rhee
Posted on 01/11/2019
Poetry ClassTo kick off the fourth grade poetry unit, the students in Mrs. Martin’s fourth grade class were visited by poet, artist and scholar Margaret Rhee. Ms. Rhee, a close friend of student Nia Tinsley-Fajardo, is the author of chapbooks Yellow (Tinfish Press, 2011), Radio Heart; and, How Robots Fall Out of Love (Finishing Line Press, 2015)

She shared excerpts from her first full-length poetry collection Love, Robot. Students shared their noticings and wonderings with Ms. Rhee. She taught a poetry lesson to the students, emphasizing the importance of figurative language. As a token of her appreciation for the visit, she is gifting the class a copy of her poetry collection Love, Robot. Please feel free to stop by 304 if you would like to read her work.