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Computer Camps for Kids

Computer Camps for Kids
Posted on 03/05/2015
By: Kevin McGonegal

With summer right around the corner, now is the time to start thinking about enrolling your kids in summer camps! Here is a list of several “technology-infused” options that are available in the greater Cambridge area, curated by my colleague Heather French. Most have a cost associated with them, but some have scholarships and other financial aid available. All of these are different, but most are centered around coding/computer programming, and designing and building computers. In recent weeks at the FMA, all of our students grades 1-5 have been busy during their lab times working on computer coding activities at the wonderful website, and many of our students are looking for opportunities to learn more!

Check them out:

Boston College Computer Camps
Einstein Workshop
The Advent School Summer Programs
Stem at Olin College
Sally Ride Science Camps for Girls
Harvard’s Digital Media Academy
Tufts University