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FMA Visits the Harvard Museum of Natural History

FMA Visits the Harvard Museum of Natural History
Posted on 12/18/2014
On Tuesday, November 4th the fourth graders at the FMA spent their day at The Museum of Natural History. They started their morning learning about how our earth has changed over time. We saw fossils, a live horseshoe crab and looked at a timeline of the different eras. '

As we toured the museum there were many animals that we taxidermied. These animals were once alive and were now stuffed with cotton, wood, and plaster. It was amazing how real they looked!

There were also artifacts made by people from different cultures around the world. These objects were used by people in their religious, social, and everyday lives. Some groups even used charcoal to sketch ocean objects. A highlight was checking out the minerals. There were so many different variations. We looked at some under a black light and saw how the color change. The scientist at Harvard study artifacts to understand different cultures and lifestyles over time.

We had a fabulous time and look forward to going back in the spring!