Persuasive Writing Celebration in Room 304

Persuasive Writing Celebration in Room 304
Posted on 05/08/2015
signsThe students in Mrs. Martin’s fourth grade class shared their persuasive writing projects in the most compelling way! Silently, the celebration commenced by a march of protest. Hand made, hand held signs were raised as the scholars quietly marched around the room. This gave parents, teachers and many other guests a glimpse of what was to come.

One by one they took the stand. They stood tall and strong behind the wooden podium reading their essays, making sure to project their voices, use their best fluency skills and make eye contact audience. They were all passionate about their self chosen arguments, some topics included:
No Homework, Students Should Not Have to Wear Uniforms, Read More Books, Frozen is the Best Movie,Teachers Be Nice!

The arguments were compelling, often presenting more than one perspective. Some included quotes, anecdotes and research. Students used convincing persuasive writing; backing up their thesis with lots of reasons, details and examples. Their personal connections pulled the audience right in.

Here are some examples:

Bullying can affect your education. You might not want to go to school because the bully might be waiting for you. Students may have a hard time paying attention or doing work because they can’t stop thinking about the bully. At my old school I got bullied a lot. It made me not come to school and I missed a lot of work. (Mariana V)

Here is some advice to all teachers.. Please do not hand us weekend homework because we love playing with our friends. We do love you… but sometimes I think you need to show us some affection back. If you still want to give us homework maybe you could not give us busy work and instead give us an assignment to really ponder? I hope that you have learned some important facts from this paper about why weekend homework is terrible. (Cidra F)

Teachers wear regular clothes but we are stuck with uniforms. Teachers say we should wear uniforms so we don’t talk all fancy about our clothes, but teachers do that. So, at least for one day teachers should feel our pain, they should wear one. We don’t even talk about clothes anymore! Teachers say we are their priority, so they should let us wear our choice of clothing. For example, my teacher last year made students wear hand me downs from other students. We didn’t know where the uniforms had been! (Orlando C)

If you are interested in reading more fabulous fourth grade writing check out the bulletin boards outside room 304!