Thank you from the Art Room

Thank you from the Art Room
Posted on 10/04/2017
Dear families, much gratitude for the donations to the art program here at FMA!! So far the kids have received:

1 package of copy paper
6 pads of finger paint paper
30 sheets of printmaking paper
100 sheets of tissue paper
5 activity pads of paper
35 sheets of cardstock
50 sheets of construction paper
16 oz mod podge
32 oz tempera paint
5 lbs of plasticene clay
16 oz glitter tempera
7oz Elmer's gel glue
2 boxes of crayons
42 glue sticks
bundle of popsicle sticks
8 graphite pencils
16 charcoal sticks
5 various sharpie markers

We still welcome everything, especially donations of tempera and acrylic paints, Mod Podge, masking tape, sharpies, and all paper!! Keep it coming everybody, and GRACIAS!!