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Starting with the Fall of Rome and ending with The Scientific Revolution, the 8th graders will embark on an in depth study of life in The Middle Ages and The Renaissance. The students will pick up with Age of Enlightenment in Grade 9 at the high school; this year serves as a foundation for some of the larger themes they will continue to analyze next year. 8th grade historians will be thinking about how cultures are formed and how both conflicts and achievements provoke social, political, and intellectual change.

The students will soon begin reading a Newbery Medal historical fiction reading, Good Masters! Sweet Ladies! by Laura Schlitz and Robert Byrd. With this assignment, they will learn to hone in on research skills and be asked to perform, as a way to think more critically about the past. They, too, will become historical fiction writers!

8th grade history will offer students an opportunity to increase their reading, thinking, and writing of expository texts and literacy within a content area. It is a time to ask important questions, discuss ideas, and develop critical thinking. Our work in 8th grade social studies is a bridge to a broader literacy and greater global understanding.