Autism Awareness Speech

Autism Awareness Speech
Posted on 04/04/2018
Hi my name is Eden Cherisme I am a fifth grader representing the Fletcher Maynard Academy school. I am going to talk about how I learned about autism and my experience around kids with autism.

The first time I learned about autism was in kindergarten. Of course I did not understand much about it but I still understood a little. The teacher told us that kids with autism think differently. Then in second grade I got a much better understanding. I also learned that some kids with autism can have just a little bit of autism.

So that was just how I learned about autism. Now this is my experience around kids with autism. In 3rd grade we formed a group of kids called the B.F.G. You’re probably thinking it stands for Big Friendly Giant. But it actually stands for best friends group. It was called this because it was made up of a crew of friends since second grade. And in the B.F.G there were kids with autism and kids without autism. Everyone made the group so much better because we sing don’t stop believing, have tons of fun at playdates and sleepovers, and play crazy games.

Later on I learned that kids with autism can have great talents and I have seen it many times. One of the members of our little friend group is an awesome singer and musician. He can learn how to play almost every instrument in the first minute he uses it. Lots of my friends have autism.

I think autism awareness week is great so people can learn more about autism and be more aware when they are around kids with autism. And accept kids with autism.

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