Ballroom And Basketball

Ballroom And Basketball

By: E. Allen

ballroom_dance_2014_content.jpgThis has been a busy month in PE. We finished up our fitness testing, the 5th and 4th grade girls danced the night away at the High School, and we wrapped up the 2nd year of Intramural Basketball.

The 5th and 4th grade girls trained for two months to get ready for their big night at the CRLS gym. Fifth graders from all over Cambridge joined our FMA students for an evening of dancing as well as a presentation by the MIT dance team. The students danced the merengue, tango, waltz, swing and foxtrot. Congratulations to Kianis and Christian for winning the merengue competition and many thanks to Ms. Hammond-Franklin and Ms. Coulson for helping bring the kids to the High School. To all the parents who were there thank you for joining us! Fourth graders, get ready, you are up next year!

Our 2nd year of Intramural Basketball wrapped up last week with the Championship Game played between the Celtics and the Lakers. Thank you to all the parents who made it to cheer on the students! The lead changed back and forth throughout the game as the teams traded hoops. The final score was 23-20 with the Celtics team of Zavier Dunbar, Ismael Labbaq, Naomi Kim, Jadah de Pina, Brandy Altidor, Tevin Johnson, Federik Montalvo Lugo, and Alim Dixon coming out on top. Congrats to both teams on a competitive game and great season! The awards ceremony will be on April 14th during Monday Morning meeting; we hope to see a lot of the parents there for pictures!

A huge thank you to all the students and teachers who helped make this season possible, especially Ms. Coulson! Next up, intramural softball!