CitySprouts Update: March 2023

CitySprouts Update: March 2023
Posted on 03/01/2023
CitySprouts Update March 2023
The month of February seemed to fly by while the excitement and amazement of students continued to bring joy to all of us at CitySprouts. It is an incredibly exciting time for us as we start to transition our classes from indoor winter lessons to getting our hands dirty in the soil once again. As we began to wind down our winter curriculum, several classes had the opportunity to get up close and personal with our snail friends. In one of the many fun activities, students were tasked with constructing obstacle courses or unique shelters to observe the snails’ behavior, movement, and their sticking power. In some cases, going as far as conducting races for slices of cucumber between the snails (which is apparently exhilarating despite the excruciatingly suspenseful pace). In the weeks to come, students will increasingly spend their lesson time outside as they contribute vitally to the “rebirth” of their gardens.

While schools were closed over break and in preparation of the spring planting season, CitySprouts staff eagerly visited the gardens in order to amend the soil. Maintaining healthy soil is a crucial practice for any gardener interested in growing happy and healthy plants. There are countless ways to replenish the nutrients lost to last season's crops yet we were blessed to receive an immense donation of manure from a local partner. Folding the manure into the spent soil can be a daunting and smelly task however once completed, our gardens have all the fertilization they need to produce flourishing vegetables and herbs throughout the summer and into next fall. 

If you want to see more photos of our snail lessons or our day amending soil at our school gardens, follow us on Facebook/Instagram/LinkedIn. We are always looking for new volunteers interested in giving back to their school communities and getting their hands dirty (no gardening experience required!) and would love to have you, please complete this form if you are interested, thank you!
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