Fifth Grade Takes on Poetry

Fifth Grade Takes on Poetry
Posted on 04/04/2018
Learning about poetry, fifth graders participated in several poetry readings during the curriculum unit. After that, they had to use all they learned to create a poetry book, which you can see in the third floor hallway near Ms. Brennan’s room. The books took many skilled authors weeks to make and included both structured and unstructured poems, including clerihews, diamantes, haikus, and limericks. Every 5th grader was required to make one. The books all have five or more poems and include a variety of topics and themes, making them very interesting to read. Here are some student’s examples:

By: Kiarah Wolfe

Nothing to do
Useless to me
A paperclip, a pen, an old TV
The raindrops ring overhead drippity drop
And sing the song of nature's hum
That hummed and hummed all day
Frigid cold
I stood there in my sorrow that day

Mr. Jeff- A Limerick By: Victor Costa
Mr. Jeff is always here to help
Even when I give a big yelp
He works at our school
And I think he’s pretty cool
And doesn’t mind us calling him Jelp

The Ocean By: Jayden Renteria
The deep blue sea,
Which I can not explain,
Is the best place on earth.
The beautiful water shines,
The reflection of the sun,
Relaxing and peaceful,
If you just lay still enough,
You might be able to hear,
The snoring of whales,
And the seahorses purrs,
And the distant sound of the waves on the beach,
And the seagulls caws,
Calling to each other,
That they found a safe place by the ocean,
To sit and rest, from a long beautiful flight,
Over the most beautiful ocean of all.

What Snow Thinks By: Eden Cherisme
I wish they would know
What a pain it is
To be smashed and squished
I really hate this…
So many colors
So many designs
The crossing guard is there
There is a green Light
I wish I could run
I wish I could go
I wish I could fly
But know one knows
What is that a boy is lifting us
My brothers and sisters are in a ball
Hurray Hurray
I am flying after all
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