Fourth Grade Fantasy Authors

Fourth Grade Fantasy Authors
Posted on 06/07/2017

The fourth grade students have been working on Fantasies. Here are a few excerpts showing how the writers are able to effectively create vivid images in the reader’s minds. —Ms. Martin

Once in a Far Away
By: Stella Fraley
Once in a far away… well you know the intro drill, don´t you? Well, if you don't here it is. Once in a far away land that had beauty beyond belief, flowers were always in bloom. The trees always had beautiful green leaves. Birds chirped a wonderful song all year long. Animals were friendly and you could always count on hearing songs. In fact it was always spring and summer in this land.

Then It All Stopped
By: Jayden Renteria
Then it all stopped, the sun was gone, and she was standing under a tree, a tree with black leaves. She turned and looked around, everything was black and gray. Black flowers that were full with thorns, it almost felt like evil was possessing you. And things had shadows, but there was no light. And in the darkness of your shadows there eyes were always watching you. In the distance, upon a hill with gray grass, there was a big black mansion. Surrounding the mansion, was a bunch of people, they were acting like zombies. It was the 1600s, but in the regular world it was in the 2000s.

Sirens were wailing
By: Eden Cherisme
Sirens were wailing all over Blackmoon City. Rain was showering down. This city is dangerous. Crime waves spread. Bank robberies, stolen cars, crazy maniacs, murderers, and psychopaths that had to be sent to a penitentiary were lurking all around. The police weren’t doing any good for this place. People were feeling so presentiment that they didn’t even want to go outside! Dead trees were all over parks. Cats were lurking in the alley ways. Many factories were polluting the air with a thick grey screen of smoke rising up from the valves and pipes. The city was not a very cosmopolitan. It was crowded and that’s how criminals could blend in. Moss and vines grew against buildings. Houses and apartments were graffitied. It was the year 2030.

They year 3020
By: Amaya Ellis
In the year 3020, in the Dazzle Forest, where the sparkle trees grow so bright and tall it's like a disco ball that never ends, the dust plants grow so well no one runs out of magic dust, the water dazzles with the reflection of the sun and the sky is so majestic you'll never want to feel sad again, the very day of July 15th,, was a life changer for Crystal but she didn't know that her life could end if it wasn't for an unknown family member. It was an ordinary day for Crystal, she was playing with her little baby fairy when all of a sudden the sky started swirling around like a heavy tornado and it was flashing.

The Sun was pouring down
By: Nasseem Anjaria
The sun was pouring down on me when I finally got settled in a comfy chair right near the beautiful ocean. The water glistened like a jewel in the sun, casting a shadow off to the distance. The wind ruffled my shirt, leaving it wrinkled and crumpled. The sky was blue except for a few fluffy white clouds. Cars took off and landed at the nearest airport. It was a regular day in Cactus City, 2275. I closed my eyes and fell into a grateful sleep.

Steps to Writing Fantasy

  • Writers make a list of fantasy character traits that they might want their main characters to have.
  • Writers use a sequencing frame to develop the plot of their fantasy.
  • Writers list all their fantasy ideas for settings so they can decide when and where the story will take place.
  • Writers make a list of all the adventures and problems so that they can brainstorm all their story ideas.
  • Writers come up with a solution for their story.
  • Writers make a list of phrases and words that would make sense in their fantasy story so that they can make their story more interesting.
  • Writers consider adding dialogue to their fantasies in order to create more details about their characters.
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