Literary Samples From Grade 4

Literary Samples From Grade 4
Posted on 02/07/2018
Eden Cherisme: Letter to a Slave
January 22, 1802
Dear Tango,

I have seen things. It was January 19,1723 the boat came. Men sitting on the hull and spitting out into the ocean. I knew that today it would be the day they come. My name is not to be mentioned until you escape. I have heard from my people that you are endangered. People who call themselves European Traders have captured you. I know much information about you and I will try to help you as much as possible. All I need you to do is follow the directions I give you and trust me. I know you have been separated from your family. I know you worked as a water carrier in the village, and I know your name is Tango. So there shouldn’t be a reason why you should not trust me. I am your friend.

I have estimated the time of your arrival and chances are you will arrive in 2 months. The colony will be very different from anywhere else. You must follow every rule that the Europeans tell you to. I know it is strange that I know a lot but you are benefiting from my skill so read every piece of this letter. While you are on the boat it will be cold. It will starve you. Stay strong till the end of the Journey. I will write back to you soon.

March 14, 1802
Dear Tango,

You have arrived in the colony. A white house, roses and flowers all decked out on the fence will be your first sight. All of your secrets must be kept so I am going to ask you to burn this letter with the match I have left in the shed. Do this when everyone’s attention is focused on something other than you. Please continue this letter at nightfall. You should be reading this letter as you make your journey to escape.

It is now night and I have left some goods for you in your outhouse. A knife, a crowbar, and a ball of tobacco. First you shall sneak toward the slave owner's room. Avoid all of his men! Always avoid his men! To do that, you are going to need to sneak into the forest behind the rows of cabins. Stay of the path and stay behind trees. If you have followed the path there will be some men guarding the back door of the owner's house.

Through the ball of tobacco to use it as a distraction like a moth to the flame. By now you should have extinguished the guards' focus and attention so go through the back. door.

To the left is the daughter's room to the right is the son's. Go upstairs and knock on the door to the far left. If the door is unanswered, use the knife to pick the lock, and the crowbar to unscrew the door hinges. By now you should have opened the door.

Stay low to the floor! Keep your breath under control! To the left you will find a bull brown nightstand. In there I have snuck in gunpowder and a pipe. Use the match at the corner. Put the gunpowder in the pipe and light it up! This is going to create a screen of smoke.

I give you well wishes that you have escaped safely and left behind no evidence.


Your Lost Brother

Tango managed to escape without anyone having sight or location of him. No slave knew what he was doing and neither did the slave owners. Tango's family was killed during the slave trade and he was left on a ship cold and alone in January.

Norah Petou: Diary
Wednesday, April 9, 1500

Dear Diary,

Life is hard, life is really hard these days. My great leader and my husband have also been kidnapped. We were taken by these weird and strange people who arrived in our village just yesterday. I have two children one a newborn.

We are pushed onto this disgusting boat and were forced to sleep close to people from other villages. Why can I not sleep near my husband and warn him not to act up, but I can only sleep with my children and no one else?

The next day my husband and my old tribe leader started to protest and I knew they were done for. As I expected they died. This is too tragic for one day. I must stop writing.

Good Night,

Vivian Shean

Dear Diary, Thursday, April 10, 1500
My oldest child would not stop crying until I told him I was planning an escape. He stopped crying almost as soon as the words left my lips. I am sure everyone is relieved.

My plan is too find out where the rescue boats are and then figure out how to launch them. I plan to set out tomorrow if possible. Now I have got to go look for the boats.


Vivian Shean

Dear Diary, Friday, April 11, 1500
I found the boats they are easy to launch and I even found some shark repellent to dose the boat with. I am going to set out after dinner, but I can not tell my kids just yet or they will tell everyone. I plan to seek as much extra food as possible, at least enough to last a week.

Wish Me Luck,

Vivian Shean

Dear Diary,

Hello from the ocean. I made it out of the boat safely. My newborn child is literally screaming her head off and I thought I would die. My oldest child saw a very pretty fish and decided to live with it by jumping off the boat and got eaten by a shark. This is not the peaceful life in Africa. I wanted to live at all.

Help Me,

Vivian Shean

Dear Diary,

I am mourning the loss of three people now and I don’t know if my heart can bear it. As I reach the shore my tribe greets me back, but when they hear the loss of three they start mourning.
I Am Done With My Journey Lucky,

Vivian Shea

Literary Samples
Phelicia: School Uniforms

A lot of schools have uniforms, and FMA is one of them. In FMA the uniform colors are blue, white and tan. In my opinion I think we shouldn't wear uniforms. The reasons why are because you can’t express your style with uniform. Also, in the morning you have to look for it but sometimes you look in the drawer and find what you like that's not a uniform. Another reason is they’re uncomfortable. Have you ever gone to a uniform school and you saw your friend wearing the exact same thing? Isn't it annoying sometimes?

I'm in a uniform school so we can't express our own style at all. Even sweaters when it's winter you have to take it off even if it's cold. I know if we had a chance we would take it. Every time we don't have to wear uniform we have to pay. Why do we need to pay that one day we show part of our style?
In the morning, have you ever woken up and when you checked your closet, but you still couldn't find it? Well, I know in a uniform school if you’re not wearing uniform they'll make you wear uniform by putting you in their uniform. I've been in that situation before, trust me you don't want to.

Have you worn uniform that was uncomfortable or didn't fit? Well, sometimes that's the case when you wear uniform. If you’re in a school with uniforms like me and you’re not wearing a uniform because your clothes didn't fit or were uncomfortable they'll still put you in their uniform.

What I'm trying to say is the principals should not make kids wear uniform. Those were the reasons why kids that go to uniform schools should express their style. I think that other kids would agree with me that we should not wear uniform. Principals of uniform schools should let the kids take a break from uniforms. If you don't want to wear uniforms speak up to your principals.

Kaylah: Winter Rocks
Winter is a season when it snows a lot and rains, and is cold. When it’s winter I like to drink hot chocolate and also cuddle up with my friend. Winter is fun, there's vacation, and my favorite cold weather, enjoyable. Reason one is because it's playful and fun because we get to play in the snow and make snowmen. Secondly, is because there's vacation week! So I get more sleep. Thirdly, is because there is cold weather and I love cold weather.

One reason is winter is a lot of fun! Last year me and my friend built a campfire in the snow and put together the tent. Also we get to go outside and make snow angels. Plus, we have to decorate the house. Lastly, we also get candy canes and go ice skating. Another reason is vacation week!. Vacation week is so fun because I get a lot of sleep and eat a lot of food at home! Secondly, it’s CHRISTMAS and when it's Christmas I get like 20 presents. Lastly, it's even MORE fun because, one example is when my whole family is taking the snow off the car we bury anyone with snow to make it more (which I think is dangerous).

Finally, I love the cold weather! Because one example is I get to cozy up with my friends and family and drink hot cocoa outside in the backyard. Also, I like the cold weather because we build snowmen outside our house.

Lastly, me and my dad make a bet if it snows I get to go to New Jersey to see the rest of my family. Next winter I hope you have a better winter and also enjoy your winter like I did. Don't forget to be careful for the ice!
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