Poetry Slam

Poetry Slam
Posted on 02/01/2017
In writing class Mrs. Martin worked with 4th and 5th grade students on creating poetry for the annual curiosity challenge. Classes brainstormed about their curiosities and then focused in a subject they wanted to explore through poetry. Students completed their poems in only two class periods.

Galaxies are big

Galaxies are big,
Planets are small,
Everything is different in all,
Why don’t we fall right out of space?
Why do planets orbit the sun like a race?
The universe is scarier than you think,
Is is white, black, yellow, blue or pink?
There are so many things to discover and think about,
I just wish the universe could yell the answers out,
For every mistake we make,
And every risk we take,
I am sick of wondering all day,
Time goes fast away,
Are there galaxies, planets, life, or stars?
And why are they light years apart?
Many universes
far away you might need to travel on a fast rocket ship for a gazzillion days
What is Shimmering at me up above,
Universe, stars, galaxies, and other stuff.


Bang, bang, bang
That’s the sound
Of the guns that
The police officer hold,
That’s the sound of people
Hitting the ground,
It’s not white men,
not white women,
not black women,
but it’s black men
They did nothing
The police have an
What has this world come to?
Innocent men,
Just walking the streets,
Enjoying life,
This needs to stop now.

Black Lives Matter!
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