Riding In Style In Senegal

Riding In Style In Senegal
This is the image for the news article titled Riding In Style In Senegal“Be careful, they spit!” At least that’s the common caution given about camels. However, the camels that Fletcher Maynard students got to meet on their trip to Dakar, Senegal were on their best behavior – and there was not a drop of saliva to be seen!  

On our third day in Senegal, the group traveled about 25 miles outside of Senegal to visit the famed Pink Lake (Lac Rose). The lake normally has a pinkish color due to the algae that live in its waters. We spent our afternoon wandering around the lake and had our lunch right on its shores. We met our dromedary friends close to the shores of the Pink Lake. Our brave FMA explorers each took a 10 minute ride across sand dunes suspended seven feet above the ground on the back of these amazing animals. Imagine getting a piggy-back ride from Shaquille O’Neal; that’s about how high you would be on the back of a camel.

Being up that high was not the most challenging part of the experience – as any student that took the ride can attest to. Getting on the camel and getting it to stand up was the most challenging aspect of the trip. A rider first had to climb into the tight saddle (as seen in the photo) as the camel sat on folded legs, and then you had to hold on for your life as the camel rocked forward and then back to stand up. What an experience!

I would like to congratulate the young FMA explorers on their camel rides and hope to hear about their future adventures.
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