Fifth Grade Poets

Fifth Grade Poets
Posted on 12/10/2019
Fifth graders recently finished reading Home of the Brave by Katherine Applegate. As part of wrapping up the novel, the students received a menu of project options offering them a chance to demonstrate their knowledge about the text in a variety of ways. Some students wrote raps then treated us to a heated rap battle, others authored newspaper articles describing the events of the climax of the book, and some created a dictionary of "Kekisms" to translate the poetic language used by the narrator into typical English words. The students worked hard on their projects and their final drafts were very impressive! One student, Jennifer Alcius Etienne, wrote a poem, titled Kek, that sums up the main character's experience and feelings throughout the novel. Read the poem below.

By Jennifer Alcius Etienne

I wish I could say
That everything
Will be fine
To see the world
To learn
That a treat
Will come
A ready bomb
Crumb like empty
Pieces of
My family
Wealthy as they could be
I have to flee
I need to tell you some tea
How I disagree
That nobody can be free
I wish I could say
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