FMA Leadership Team

The Fletcher Maynard Academy believes in the importance of having a Leadership Team with broad representation, including parents,administration, faculty, and community members. Our Leadership Team is a site-based team that is responsible for planning, goal setting, and budgeting for school improvement. It allows for teachers and administrators to work closely with parents and the community to become more responsive to the needs of the Academy. The principal also serves as co-chair while the other co-chair is elected. There are four main areas of responsibility for school leadership teams:

  1. To assist the principal in adopting educational goals for the school that are consistent with local policies and statewide student performance standards,
  2. Identify the educational needs of students attending the school,
  3. Review the annual school budget, and
  4. Formulate a school improvement plan.

The team meets on the first Friday of each month from 8 - 9:30AM.Subcommittees set their own meeting times and report back to the Leadership Team at the monthly meetings.

This past year, the Leadership Team, along with FMA PTO, successfully worked with the school district to bring Spanish language instruction back to FMA. We will be the only Cambridge public elementary school offering Spanish in a non-immersion setting

2016 - 2017 Leadership Team Members

  • Robin Harris, Principal (Co-chair)
  • Lisa Downing, Parent (Co-chair)
  • Chaline Thande (Parent)
  • Ulka Anjaria (Parent)
  • Luis Cotto (Parent)
  • Shani Ellis (Parent)
  • Zuleka Queen (Parent)
  • Uche Amaechi (Staff)
  • Erica Astrove (Staff)
  • Fred Park (Staff)
  • Domenic Casselli (Staff)
  • Phyllis Newton (Staff)
  • Lisa VanVLeck (Community)
  • Art Bardige (Community)
  • Abiola Laniyona (Community)
  • Jlll Seabrook (Community)
  • Kathryn Fenneman (Community)