5th Grade Writers' Open House Success

5th Grade Writers' Open House Success
Posted on 03/05/2015
On February 13, the fifth grade hosted an open house where visitors listened to FMA 5th grade scholars recite their original poetry. Afterwards the visitors engaged in a question and answer with the 5th grade poets about their poetry.

Thanks to the eight families and many staff members who made it to our Open House. We enjoyed showing you our works from the first semester and will take your feedback into consideration as we work on our pieces this semester. As we get ready for the Science Fair, Informational Reports presentations, and Capstone projects this spring, we will continue to work on our public speaking skills.

Check out one of our students’ thoughts on the value of poetry.

"Why I think that poetry can help express your feelings"
By: Alba Cruz-Pimentel

To begin with people have a hard times expressing their feelings, so to learn more to see how to do that read this essay. For instance when I was younger I was one of those people. I started writing poems as a way to express my feelings. I think that writing poetry is a great way to control different feelings you have. I have used poetry to help me get over bullying as well as my dad moving. Jack from “Love That Dog”, also learns that poetry can help him in a tough time.

Yet I was bullied in 2nd grade too. I was bullied by a 5th grader. I was sad I was bullied. I often went to the bathroom to cry or hide from the bully. I had a special note book at home under my pillow to write a poem almost every night. Eventually I shared my songs and poems with other people at school.

My daddy left me when I was 5 years old. I miss him so much. He moved to D.R, which means Dominican Republic. Which also got me upset that he left me. I wrote poetry to not put my anger on my family or my dad. I shared this poems with my grandma, I felt joyful when I shared my poem with my grandma.

Jack from “Love That Dog” the book had a hard time with his life, because his dog past away. He has the same way of showing his feelings, he had sad moments seeing his dog dying from that car crash. Jack wrote poems to express his feelings, because his dog died. I think that writing poetry is a good way to express your feelings! So do you know how to express your feelings now well if you do good but if you don’t you read it again to understand what I meant about this essay.