Update from Maisha Rounds: January 21, 2022

Update from Maisha Rounds: January 21, 2022
Posted on 01/21/2022

Dear FMA,

FMA is off to a phenomenal start in 2022! There are new possibilities and new opportunities around every corner. Keep striving and stay united. Teamwork makes the dream work!

  • Word of the Week: Cooperation - working together toward a common goal or purpose
  • SEL Skill of the Month - Problem-Solving - (1) Say the problem; (2) Think of solutions; (3) Explore consequences; (4) Pick the best solution.

Important Dates

  • 1/26/22 - Infection Control Team Meeting | 2:30-3PM
  • 1/27/22 - Restorative Justice PD | 3-6PM
  • 1/28/22 - FUN FRIDAY - No uniforms!
  • 2/2/22 - ILT | 12-1PM
  • 2/4/22 - Report Cards 
  • 2/4/22 - School Council/Leadership Team | 8:30AM
  • 2/7/22 - Virtual All-School Community Meeting led by 1st grade | 8-8:30AM
  • 2/11/22 - PTO meeting 
  • 2/15/22 - Infection Control Team Meeting | 2:30-3PM

Celebrations and Shout Outs

  • Shout out to the FMA PTO for negotiating 7 additional staff parking spaces in the tech parking garage through July 2022! FMA educators are deeply appreciative to Mayor Siddiqui, the PTO, Campus Manager Joe Karoly, and everyone who worked collaboratively to make this a reality! The parking committee will be allocating spots equitably and individuals will be notified accordingly.
  • "Nurse Nadine is a KEEPER!!  She was absolutely in control of the situation, we're in good hands:)" - Corey Kempton
  • “Shout out to mr. Daniel Skeritt! We feel like he’s been doing a lot of great things for the school community, helping parents with all kinds of resources we need for school, food, sports, etc… we feel like he deserves a shout out for all of these great things he's doing for us.” - FMA parent
  • "Shout out to Ms. Waddell for making 3rd grade so much fun and engaging despite all the disruption and challenges of the past month. We really appreciate your efforts." Arif & Sarah
  • "Shout out to Dr. Rounds and Daniel for their persistence and support despite all the recent challenges." Sarah FH
  • "Shout out to PTO advocacy team for fighting for equitable education for all our scholars" Sarah FH
  • "Shout out to Kristen C. for being a mask fairy" - Sarah FH
  • Do you have celebrations and shout outs to share? Please email them to me by noon on Thursdays to be included in the Weekly "Round"-Up.

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